t4/ Imprenteros/ Lorena Vega

Imprenteros is a scenic event that tries to review the place lost by three brothers. That printer of the Buenos Aires conurbano where they grew up surrounded of papers, inks, labels, containers and guillotines, was snatched to them and they will not be able to return after the death of their father. With papers, folders, brochures, maps, dances, and photos, an attempt will be made to trace a thread that unites the events that unfortunately brought the printing press to its demise.

Lorena Vega speaks in the first person through a standing microphone. Narrates his life in relation to family printing. The half brothers take ownership of the workshop located in Lomas del Mirador -La Matanza after the death of his father. She will trace a journey through her history accompanied by visual documents and sounds of machines, her brothers, not live actors, and actresses and actors who will recreate the conflicting events in the printing press. In this way, the snatched workshop is inhabited again from a theatrical room.


Genre: Documentary theater

Target audience: Adults.

Spanish Language

Duration: 80 minutes

Arming time: 120 minutes

Disarming time: 30 minutes



Cast & Crew

Cast: Sergio Vega; Federico Vega; Lorena Vega; Julieta Brito; Juan Pablo Garaventa; Lucas Crespi; Vanesa Maja and Mariano Sayavedra.

Scenography: M. Celeste Etcheverry

Costume Design: Julieta Harca

Lighting: Ricardo Sica

Sound and Original music: Andrés Buchbinder

Photography: César Capasso

Audiovisual: Gonzalo Zapico, Agustín Di Grazia; Franco Marenco; Andrés Buchbinder

Audiovisual editing: Emi Castañeda

Graphic Design: Petre

Web: Javier Jacob

Collaboration in movement: Margarita Molfino

Attendees: Fabiana Brandán and Santiago Kuster

Artistic Collaboration: Damiana Poggi

Dramaturgy and Direction: Lorena Vega