t4/ La Omisión de la Familia Coleman/ Claudio Tolcachir

A family living on the edge of dissolution, an obvious but secret dissolution; Living in a house that contains and encloses, building personal spaces within shared spaces, increasingly complex to reconcile.

La Omisión de la Familia Coleman/ Claudio Tolcachir

The omission of the Coleman family was born in 2005 in the Theater Timbre 4 of the district of Boedo, specifically in a PH. Since then he performs full-room functions. It has visited 22 countries: China, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Bosnia, USA, Bolivia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Canada, Serbia and Mexico. It was subtitled in eight languages and published in Italian, French, English, Spanish and Greek. 12 national and international awards in the areas of best editing, dramatic creation, best distribution and show of the year; 8 nominations in the most important national awards, and presence in more than 35 festivals in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

Dramatic comedy

Duration: 90 minutes



A family living at the limit of dissolution, an obvious but secret dissolution; living in a house that contains and encloses them, building personal spaces within shared spaces, increasingly complex to reconcile.

An impossible coexistence traveled from the absurd becoming of the everyday, where the violent is installed as natural and the pathetic is ignored by shared.

"Everything I could be and do if I were not here"

"Could I ever be here?"

"Who am I out of this house and this family?"


Claudio Tolcachir says:

The omission of the Coleman family is the fruit of nine months of daily rehearsals, late nights and early mornings where this group, this wonderful group of human talents, supernatural actors gave themselves without speculation to the gestation of what would be my first theatrical text.

We released a rainy August with the hope of having done a good job and without more expectation than to stay a few months on the bill to proudly show our work. But more and more people were coming to the room. And there were more and more functions. Then came the trips, the tours, the construction of a new room, bigger, and more seasons in different parts of the world, with subtitles, without subtitles. In airplanes, buses, trains. And a pleasure and an emotion that never left us that this family so ours was adopted with passion in the whole world.

Ten uninterrupted years of work and coexistence. Ten years of living in a state of gratitude and happiness. We gave ourselves many tastes, we crossed many borders, but we had a challenge to try, in our city, close to home. A place very dear to us opens its doors to us, the Paseo La Plaza.

A place where many memories come together. I spied on its construction as a child, I enjoyed hours of talk and walk along its paths and bridges, and of course, countless shows that awoke and fed the pleasure of the theater. The theater is for everyone and we have the faith and the certainty that this passion of vocation and trade that surrounds us is healthy and contagious.


International presence:

Teatro Argentina di Roma, Italia - 2017
Universita della Calabria, Italia - 2017
Schlachthaus Theatre Berne, Switzerland - 2017
Teatro del Canal, Madrid, Espana - 2017
Teatro Circo Murcia, Espana - 2017
Teatro del Mercado, Zaragoza, Espana - 2017
Teatro campos elíseos, Bilbao Espana - 2017
Teatro Breton de los herreros, Logroño, Espana - 2017
Teatro Central, Sevilla, Espana - 2017
Teatro del canal, Madrid 2017
Teatro Argentina di Roma 2017
Universita della Calabria 2017
Schlachthaus Theater Bern 2017
Finisterrae 2016
Festival Identidades, Atacama, 2016.
Piccolo Teatro de Milan 2015
Festival internacional Cervantino, Guanajuato 2013
Teatro Julio Castillo, Mexico DF 2013
Festival internacional de Shanghai 2013
Festival de Teatro de Lima 2013
Temporada Teatro Lliure – Barcelona 2009
Temporada Teatro español – Madrid 2009
Theatre formen – Hannover, Alemania 2009
MIT 2009, Brasilia y Rio, muestra Int. de teatro Brasil 2009
Festival internacional de teatro de Londrina – Brasil 2009
Feria de teatro de Castilla de la mancha – España 2009
Festival Exit – MAC, Cretail, Francia 2009
Festival Via – Maubauge, La Manège, Francia 2009
Tempo Portimao – Portugal 2009
CCB Lisboa – Portugal 2009
Betigny – Francia 2009
Festival don Quijote de Paris – Francia 2008
Festival Mira! – Francia 2008
Temporada Teatro Español – Madrid, España 2008
Festival Madrid al Sur – España 2008
MESS Festival - Bosnia y Herzegovina 2008
VIE Scena Contemporanea Festival – Italia 2008
Dublin Theater Festival – Irlanda 2008
Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá – Colombia 2008
Festival Creatividad sin fronteras – El Salvador 2008
Festival Internacional de Artes Escenicas – Panamá 2008
Festival de las Artes de Costa Rica – Costa Rica 2008
Festival Santiago a Mil – Chile 2008
Festival de Otoño de Madrid- España 2007
Festival Iberoamericano de Cadiz – España 2007
Festival Automne en normandie de Rouen – Francia 2007
Fesival Temporada Alta de Gerona- España 2007
Festival de Escena Comtemporanea de Almagro España 2007
Festival Hispano Miami – EEUU 2007
Festival Latino de Nueva York New York Stage Fest EEUU 2007
Festival Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Bolivia 2007
Festival Porto Alegre em Cena – Brasil 2006
Festival Argentino de Teatro Santa Fè – Argentina 2006
Fiesta Nacional de Teatro – Argentina 2006
Fiesta Provincial de Teatro, Buenos Aires - Argentina 2006




Grandmother: Araceli Dvoskin

Meme: Miriam Odorico

Verónica: Inda Lavalle

Marito: Fernando Sala

Gabi: Tamara Kiper

Damián: Diego Faturos

Hernán: Gonzalo Ruiz

Doctor: Jorge Castaño

Playwright & direction: Claudio Tolcachir

Direction´s Assistance: Macarena Trigo

Lighting: Omar Possemato

Production: Maxime Seugé y Jonathan Zak


Crew on tour 13 people