In Medida por Medida a careful dramatic exposition of the moral nature of man in relation to human justice and vice is developed, and it invites reflection on the law, corruption and religion. The play oscillates between the ethical, the sexual and power, contrasting conscience and instinct. In that sense, women occupy a central place with a very current issue: the abuse of power in the political and sexual spheres.



After ten years of success with Othelo. Termina mal, Gabriel Chamé Buendia presents another Shakespeare play with his team of actors, always through the humor and playfulness of the physical and poetic gag.


Medida por Medida is the story of Duke Vincentio of Vienna, who has dedicated himself more to his spiritual development than to governing. Thus, he discovers that his town is suffering a moral decline but, feeling incapable of putting things in order, he decides to announce a trip and leave Angelo in charge, whom he values for his impeccable conduct and rigidity. However, instead of traveling, the Duke disguises himself as a friar and observes the actions of Angelo and his people.

Angelo inflexibly imposes the rules and recovers an old law that punishes lust with the death penalty. A young man named Claudio is arrested for getting his girlfriend pregnant and is sentenced to death.

Isabel, Claudio's sister and beautiful novice, begs Angelo for her brother's life. Angelo, inflamed by desire, instigates her to have sexual relations with him in exchange for sparing Claudio's life. Isabel refuses and prefers that her brother die rather than hand over his body.

The Duke discovers these events and intervenes secretly until reaching an unexpected end.


About this piece, director Gabriel Chamé Buendia says: “Shakespeare challenges us by questioning the essence of the laws and casting doubt on the values that govern us: laws or abuse of power? rigor or compassion? Regarding the extremism of ideas, Borges said: 'You have to be careful with your enemies because you end up looking like them.' Measure by measure (The fault is yours) proposes a reflection on a childish and current present: blaming the other, a way of relating today. The culture of blame. The politics of blame. The fault of political correctness. The nobility of man is closely linked to his baseness, this is the moral of Medida por Medida.




Artistic Crew

Translation, adaptation and direction: Gabriel Chamé Buendia

Interpretation: Matías Bassi, Nicolás Gentile, Elvira Gómez, Agustín Soler, Marilyn Petito

Artistic Assistant: Lorena Booth
Light Assistant: Daniel Marino Nava
Custome Assistant: Marcela Rubini
Scenography Assistant: Dany Cyan
Custome Design: Cecilia Allassia
Sound Design: Sebastián Furman, Gabriel Chamé Buendia
Light and Scenography Designs: Jorge Pastorino

Producción: Buendia Theatre, Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires

Duration: 110min