t4/ DE LA MEJOR MANERA/ Jorge Eiro, Federico Liss, David Rubinstein

In the middle of their father's wake, two brothers arrive at the family bar and find the space that their father left. In his tragicomic impossibility of expressing their own pain, claims, mandates, demands arise and intertwine, and disputes over old histories and family secrets are settled. The how to continue, after this loss, is presented in a shouting silence like an abyss at night.

DE LA MEJOR MANERA/ Jorge Eiro, Federico Liss, David Rubinstein

De la mejor Manera is a theatrical site specific that bets on a powerful and moving display of acting, taking place in a bar and also occupying the public space. This passionate drama, which investigates the bond of brothers and masculinity, generates a cinematographic atmosphere in which the viewer feels immersed in a film at the same time that they seem to be spying on the scene in an intimate space close to its protagonists.

It is a fiction that blends with the reality that surrounds it, erasing the borders between both, creating a disturbing climate where it seems that anything can happen. The passers-by, the cars, the life outside continues to pass in full view of the spectator while this story, driven by bodies crossed by an intense and magnetic performance, unfolds. Fiction bursts violently into the plane of reality, as if generating a gash, tearing it apart; like death itself.


Duration: 65 minutes




Author: Jorge Eiro, Federico Liss, David Rubinstein

Direction: Jorge Eiro, Federico Liss, David Rubinstein

Starring: Federico Liss, David Rubinstein

Costume: Manuela Sanchez

Lighting: Ricardo Sica

Direction Assistance: Ana Clara Barboza

Production: T4 Producciones Teatrales