Luciano Rosso presents in this physical theater solo a whole multitude of creative facets. Excellent in several scenic disciplines, he develops particular interpretation movements,, musicality and humor and deploys a series of lip-syncing, mime and dance techniques.





The piece is made up of 10 scenes that follow one another through transition and with-

out interruption. The minimalist staging allows Luciano Rosso to take completely

owning of the scene giving free rein to his characters. These latter are numerous,

nearly forty, whom he interprets in turn by offering us a reflection on isolation and the

increasingly connected world in which we live.

He explores the duality between a character and his psyche, between the actor and his

body, between man and his spirituality. It is these three relationships that are repre-

sented throughout the show.

It is ultimately an introspection into the intimacy and vulnerability of the actor, which

invites you to follow him in his sassy and whimsical characters, but also in a world in

crisis increasingly dependent on technology and social networks. Comical and moving,

Luciano Rosso plunges us with APOCALIPSYNC_ in a universe whimsical of which he

alone has the secret.


IDEA: Luciano Rosso

CO-DIRECTION: Luciano Rosso & María Saccone