The Work stages the quest of a group of workshop participants in search of a radical form of experimentation. Matías, Marian and Dina enforce a series of rules, agreements, commandments and strict protocols. This is an investigation that no one yet understands, but to which everyone surrenders: practical tasks, self-discipline and accidents; attachment and detachment, penances and licenses.
Come to the front. Figure yourself out. Combat self-celebration and complicity with the audience. Do what is not convenient. Seek rigor. Every participant gets what they need: a diet of words to combat the elderly lady’s verbosity; a diet of
wisecracks to keep the young man with easy humour in check; a compulsion to be more physical for the one who is overly cerebral.
Undergo reckless tests without measuring the consequences, experiments that no one knows how or where they will end. Bait that is bittersweet; cages that are liberating. Puns. Psychological terror. A blind person who sees. Someone who jumps into the void. The director plays the dog and ends up locked up.
In a merging of philosophies, methods and practices, each player seems at once to be both student and teacher. Criteria for self-evaluation and the evaluation of others are put into practice. The feedback is relentless. Everyone resists, and yields, to everyone else. Everything is under observation and is part of a common task.
Becoming detectives of themselves, everyone works against their tendencies, challenging themselves to get out of their comfort zone. Under a constant state of discipline and observation, the group engages in work of self-transformation. In this laboratory, located at the nexus between theory and practice, the results are as unpredictable as they are brutal.

The Work is inspired by the workshops that Federico León has been conducting for the last 15 years. The director puts himself on stage to experience (in the flesh) his own teaching practice.

The Work will be released in May 2025


Artistic sheet/

Direction: Federico León

Interpreters: Beatriz Rajland and Santiago Gobernori

Light design: Alejandro Le Roux

Set design: Ariel Vaccaro

Direction assistance: Carla Grella

Production: Melisa Santoro