"If I take it as true that dance compromises every idea of the body, then I could change the title from “Argentine Dances” to “Argentine Bodies”. Some say that traditional dances are the being of the people, therefore it could be said that the being of the people is the body. How is the body that dances the people? Physically investigating what the body does when it moves traditionally dancing their dances, is it getting closer to being of the people?"


What does the body do when it dances Folklore? How to dismantle popular knowledge? How to ignore what is known?


The research process consisted of the survey of folkloric kinetic material through tutorials, manuals, videos and training of a specialized dancer. Then we take that material to deconstruct it, empty it of content, mess it up, destructure it and destabilize it.

Three performers/dancers carry out this physical journey through the forms established by traditional Argentine dances. The scene is the deconstruction in situ that makes visible the existence of a physical interior. Going through this specificity in relation to a known material, such as folklore, results in a strange body, choreographic combinations far from any popular dance, a different meaning from tradition from which an unknown story emerges, a new language.

Following the line of folklore as "popular knowledge" we develop a scenic relationship device between the performers that, being in a state of permanent joint creation, becomes variable, permeable and perceptive, allowing us to question "tradition" as movable identity.







Idea and Direction Diana Szeinblum


Choreographic creation Diana Szeinblum, Pablo Castronovo, Bárbara Hang, Andrés Molina

Performers Pablo Castronovo, Barbara Hang, Andrés Molina

Original music Axel Krygier

Theme song Simón Díaz

Lighting Design David Seldes


*Duration 50 minutes


*ADENTRO! was commissioned for the Tres Danzas Argentinas cycle curated by Diana Theocaridis and premiered at the Teatro La Ribera of the Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires in November 2016.

*Received the PRIZE, "Teatro del Mundo 2017" for best choreography, delivered by UBA (University of Philosophy and Letters of Buenos Aires).

*ADENTRO! Was presented at FIBA ​​(International Festival of Theater and Dance of Buenos Aires) in 2017 and was invited in 2018 to REDCAT, Los Angeles and FIDCU (International Contemporary Dance Festival of Uruguay), Montevideo. In 2019 it premiered at the Centro de Experimentación y Creación del Teatro Argentino de La Plata (TACEC) and toured Europe with presentations in Brussels, Barcelona and Berlin. In 2021 it was invited to the Mercat de las Flors Barcelona as part of the Hacer HIstoria(s) vol. IV. cycle and in 2022 to the NAVE choreographic center in Santiago de Chile