t4/ Viejo, sólo y puto/ Sergio Boris

A piece of art that is a living, radical, made with no concessions. Transvestites, hormones, desire. A dramatic achievement of a huge aesthetic scope.

After more than a decade studying Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Daniel, who has just got his degree, arrives
to his family´s chemist’s, historically attended by his father and his brother, Evaristo. Daniel together
with Claudio, the medical representative, and a pair of transvestites, who often visit the chemist’s to
receive female hormones injections are the guest of honor of the night. Everything happens on a Saturday
night while the chemist’s is on duty, before going to the Magic, the tropical bailanta of the area. The
hormones injected to the transvestites by the pharmacist work as a story about what you can’t leave aside:
get hooked. A celebration with pizza and warm beer in which, after a territorial dispute between girls, love
rages furiously.


This play has been presented at the following festivals sinde 2012 when was premiered: 

  • Cena Brazil International, Festival. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2016)
  • Theatre Solis, Montevideo, Uruguay (2016)
  • Theatre de La Commune, París, France (2015)
  • Theatre Garonne, Touluse, France (2014)
  • Temporada Alta, Festival. Girona, Spain (2014)
  • De Keuze, Festival. Rotterdam, Holland (2014)
  • Kunstenfestivaldasarts, Festival. Brusels, Belgium (2014)
  • Theatre de la Vignette, Montpellier, France (2013)
  • Festival Novart, Bordeaux, France (2013)
  • Next Festival La Rose des Vents, Lille, France (2013)
  • FIBA Festival Internacional, Buenos Aires (2013)
  • International Festival  Mercosur, Córdoba (2013)
  • Rafaela Festival , Rafaela (2012)
  • Pasado y Presente Lisboa. Iberoamerican Capital of  Culture 2017
  • “Viejo, solo y puto” has been awarded with many distictions. In the Teatro XXI prizes (GETEA) they awarded best direction (Sergio Boris); best actor (David Rubinstein)  and best space designing (Gabriela A. Fernández).  The play also was awarded by the Theatre of the World Prizes 2012 in the following items: Direction (Sergio Boris); Actor (Patricio Aramburu); Lighting (Matías Sendón) and set design (Gabriela A. Fernández).




  • ACTORS: Marcelo Ferrari, Darío Guersenvzaig; Federico Liss, David Rubisntein, Damian Smajo
  • DIRECTIÓN:Sergio Boris
  • PRODUCTIÓN: T4/ David Rubinstein
  • SET AND WARDROBE: Gabriela A. Fernández
  • LIGHTING: Matías Sendón
  • SOUND DESIGN: Fernando Tur