t4/ Encuentros breves con hombres repulsivos/ Foster Wallace - Veronese

The EXPERIENCES Series, emerge from 2 narrative texts by David Foster Wallace and a biodramatic dramaturgy written by Marcus Lindeen. The three works, with different mechanisms, have the particularity of getting us into socially harsh issues, contrasting with the everyday life that we would like to inhabit, but at the same time close. They are uncomfortable, intimate and familiar topics. Places where diving is not always easy.

Encuentros breves con hombres repulsivos/ Foster Wallace - Veronese


In "Encuentros breves con hombres repulsivos" there are two characters: A and B. Two actors who interact and who during eight brief encounters will alternate in one role and another. The themes are various, but all finally point to the contemporary masculine condition that appears in an encounter with a woman. A gaze devoid of witnesses, a ring side without an audience. A confrontation with dangerous and improper weapons, which somewhere and at some point began to be socially permitted. A magnifying glass on the lack of communication between genders, on the enormous distance that remains to be covered. Overprotection, intimidation, degradation. In this area the work is developed.


“At least words appear that are more likely to be thought than to be said. They are things that one thinks, even because of the way the texts are put together. They are things that are not offered for easy understanding, but just think one way and speak another. These discourses are close to thought as if there were no filter of consciousness. This gives me warmth, because they are unprotected beings, who sometimes resemble the animal, not the human. However, speech is human speech ”- Daniel Veronese.



Experience 2: Encuentros breves con hombres repulsivos

AUTHOR: David Foster Wallace
THEATER VERSION: Daniel Veronese
DIRECTOR: Daniel Veronese
CAST: Marcelo Subiotto, Luis Ziembrowski
IMAGE DESIGN: Papier Studio
LIGHT DESIGN: Ricardo Sica
SPACE DESIGN: Daniel Veronese
PHOTOS: Romani alemán
PRODUCTION: T4 / Jonathan Zak & Maxime Seugé