t4/ Furor

An actor who works on a staging that blurs the line between reality and fiction. The master hand that shapes him and pushes him to the limits of his abilities to face the unexpected. Imagination is the most powerful tool to stay on the top and discover how much art a human body can resist. Unless it goes out of style.


In this new experience, Luciano Rosso and Miguel Israilevich dare to expose a work process that presents a different take about succes and failure. Through spontaneity, these artist play the game of pleasing the public while they create stones in uncharted waters. Although nobody can assure whether this project will come to good result, the jouney will undoubtedly be unique and unforgettable.



Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1982. Dancer, actor, musician and choreographer. He studied dance by Analía González, Liliana Cepeda and Gustavo Carrizo. He studied drama with Osqui Guzmán and Daniel Casablanca. At the age of 18 he joined the music and drama company “El choque urbano”. With this group, he made several tours all around the world. Next to Hermes Gaido he created the Cultural Centre “Laburatorio”, which was opened from 2005 to 2008. In this place, he created the musical theater group “Urraka”, where they created unconventional musical instruments. At the same time, he created the physical theatre play “Un Poyo Rojo”. With this show he visited over 30 countries between Europe and all the American continent. The show was recruited by the French producer “Quartier Libre”. With them he presented the play at “Théâtre du Rond Point” and “Théâtre Antoine” in Paris, and participated in festivals such as the “Festival d’Avignon” (2014 y 2015), and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2017). Apart from that, he developed his comedy work with several YouTube videos where he performs lip-syncs of popular songs. Because of those videos he presented his work on TV shows in Peru and Colombia. At the moment, he lives in Paris where he continues with “Un Poyo Rojo” and is currently preparing a new show with that company.



Cordoba, Argentina, 1982. Actor, director, drama teacher. Degree in Acting at the UNA (National University of Arts), Buenos Aires. He was selected as a director for the 2013 and 2015 edition of the Young Artists Biennial of Buenos Aires. The INT (National Insitute of Theatre) awarded him with a scholarship to complete his undergraduate studies. He was chosen by the State Theater of Buenos Aires to integrate the first internship for young directors. He studied acting with Ciro Zorzolli, Eugenio Soto, Antonio Célico, Mónica Viñao, José Cáceres, Helena Tritek, Mariana Brisky, Raquel Sokolowicz and Rubén Szuchmacher. He was trained as a director by Rubén Szuchmacher, Graciela Schuster, Guillermo Cacace, Guillermo Heras and Luis Cano. He develops his activity both in the dramatic and audiovisual arts area. In 2014 , he conducted a research about the cultural environment and how it influences the process of the artistic creation. After that, he worked as a drama teacher and directed several plays in different countries. With his work, he wants to create a dialogue between the specificities of a particular cultural environment and his own artistic vision. He is currently living in Paris, where he is completing his Master in Drama as he continues teaching, directing and acting in this city aswell as in Madrid and other cities in europe.



  • ACTING AND DIRECTION: Miguel Israilevich, Luciano Rosso
  • PRODUCTION: Jonathan Zak, Maxime Seugé
  • RUNNING TIME: 60min.