t4/ Todo Piola/ Gustavo Tarrio

Built from poems by Mariano Blatt, Todo Piola contains images of desert neighborhood, sunny trails and love between men to shoot at the imagination of the viewer in a dreamy atmosphere in which dance and live music set the pulse of an unstoppable action.

Todo Piola/ Gustavo Tarrio

Throughout its three years of history, Todo Piola was set up
as a physical, poetic and political work that - based on a history
intimate - triggers a reflection on desire and gender to the
platea, becoming an experience that puts in question
Preconceived ideas about attraction and love. Their characters
they stop being such, they abandon the fiction of the intimate to connect
in a direct way with the public, allowing multiple senses
and historical resonances of strict relevance.


Cast: Eddy García - Carla Di Grazia - Guadalupe Otheguy

Lighting Design: Agnese Lozupone

Costume: Cristian Bonaudi - Ana Pres

Director Assistance: Virginia Leanza

Author: Gustavo Tarrío – Mariano Blatt - Eddy García

Director: Gustavo Tarrío

Executive production: Alejandra Menalled